Intended for Beginners to Intermediate intended for children aged 4-12 .


Intended for Intermediate to Experienced intended for children aged 8-14 .

Ski School

Intended for Younger to Older children intended for children aged 3-8 .

Care and Fun

Intended for Beginners to Experienced intended for children aged 3-99 .

Individual classes

Ski School - how are we doing?

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8-14 years old

Professional training (3.5 hours / day) combined with full organization of time and transport, designed for children and youth aged 8-14. This option is directed to people with parallel driving skills who are well acquainted with all types of ski lifts. Other children are invited to the skip school where beginner and intermediate-advanced groups are run (in the case of quick progress, it is possible to transfer to an advanced group)


Picture Assembly

The collection of children takes place between 9:00 and 9:50 in the Eskimoski skiprzedszkola room at the Hotel: Klimczok / Góral / Meta / Apartamenty Parkowe. This is the time when parents make formalities, payments, ask the last questions :) In kindergartens, you can pay by card or in cash. We kindly ask you to prepare your booking confirmation. We kindly ask you for punctuality.

Picture Go out to the slope

Go out to the slope

Children are transported to the slopes by our trusted transport companies, on suitable seats (if necessary), fastened with straps. The training takes place on a slope adapted to the skills of a given group. The first day is always a day of recognizing skills and making sure that children can go to steeper slopes.

Picture Ski training

Ski training

Ski training takes place on different slopes depending on your skills. Each class starts with a warm-up. Trainers then recognize the children's skills and adjust the optimal exercises, often individually tailored to each class participant. Coaches in Eskimoski are focused on improving techniques and learning to drive in all conditions. The training is intense, designed only for children who feel confident skiing.

Picture Break


The break for a meal lasts from 30-45 min. Depending on the place where the classes take place, children consume meals prepared in sterile conditions by hotel kitchens. The menu is varied, there are meals in the form of lunch. If the child does not like the food, is it possible to replace the meal with a slice prepared with what he likes? It is not possible to serve your child with meals at the parents' request, unless the child has a diet given by a doctor.

Picture Fun after skiing

Fun after skiing

After skiing, depending on the weather, kids play in the snow building a snowman or sledging, or return to kindergartens, where an animator awaits them and together they continue to play.