Intended for Beginners to Intermediate intended for children aged 4-12 .


Intended for Intermediate to Experienced intended for children aged 8-14 .

Ski School

Intended for Younger to Older children intended for children aged 3-8 .

Care and Fun

Intended for Beginners to Experienced intended for children aged 3-99 .

Individual classes

Care and fun in kindergarten

3-8 years old

3 hours with our babysitter PLN 39     The whole day in the playroom under the supervision of a babysitter, PLN 59 The kindergarten is open from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm (only in the Góral hotel) It is necessary to make a phone reservation at tel. +48 511 456 227 or +48 608 580 186 at least the day before 16 o'clock. We do not organize a meal for the children, leave the childminder a packed lunch for the child and a drink.

Great time with fantastic caregivers!

We cordially invite all children to play in kindergarten. The program of classes is created by professional animators, it gives the opportunity to create an unforgettable atmosphere of fun and joy. Children learn by using basic safety principles and respect for nature. Qualified babysitters take care of children throughout the day. Welcome!